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Quick-Start Tips for Investment Property Owners and Buyers

by Support Bosfori 18 Jan 2023 0 Comments

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If you’re thinking of investing in a rental property, there are many ways to make your property attractive to prospective tenants. From establishing an LLC for your rental business to discovering the most appealing home features, these Bosfori tips will help you make the right decisions. Ultimately, this guide will help you create an irresistible rental home and build a successful business!


Setting Up an LLC


One of the first things you should do as a rental property owner is set up an LLC (limited liability company). An LLC makes it easier for landlords to protect their personal assets from legal issues that might arise from owning a property. It also helps with tax filing and gives landlords more control over their rental properties.


Moreover, you’ll definitely want an LLC in place if you ever choose to manage multiple properties at once because all the properties will be under the same business entity. Some landlords hire an attorney to form their LLCs, while others go through a formation service; both can save you time and stress, but formation services are typically less expensive.


Learning To Market Your Property


If you want to attract renters and stay competitive in the housing market, you must learn the ropes of marketing your property. There are countless ways to advertise your rental home, including online listings, social media posts, email campaigns, and print materials (like postcards and flyers).


Another option is to design attention-grabbing infographics to put on your website and social media pages. Instead of hiring a graphic designer, consider using a free online template that you can customize with your own colors, background, text, and other elements. Check this out if you need a starting point!


You’ll want to focus on showcasing the best features of your home so potential tenants can easily envision themselves living there. And only use high-quality photos on your website and other marketing materials.


Researching Features That Appeal to Tenants


When looking for tenants, keep in mind what people look for in a home. Research specific features that currently appeal most to renters; doing so will help you understand the types of renovations or upgrades you should make for increasing your chances of renting out your property quickly and at a higher price point. This could include anything from adding more storage space or installing new appliances — which can significantly boost the home's value — or simply painting the walls a more neutral color scheme that appeals more broadly than bright colors or loud patterns.


Home furnishings are also a big deal. Look to shops like Bosfori for unique and high-quality decor, furniture, art, and more!


Deep Cleaning and Making Repairs to the Property


Deep cleaning is essential when preparing a rental unit for new tenants. It gives prospective renters an indication of how well-maintained the unit is while preventing a host of problems down the road, especially involving allergies!


Moreover, ensure that all major repairs are taken care of before advertising your unit as available. This includes plumbing issues, electrical work, HVAC maintenance, and other deal-breakers; remember that potential tenants want to minimize headaches in the future, not take on more hassles.


Boosting Home Security


Lastly, you must maximize your investment property’s security if you want to attract the best renters. This is especially true for people who live alone or have families with young children, for which safety is always a top priority when choosing a new place to live.


Investing in good locks on your doors and windows is essential, but consider adding motion-activated lights outside the entrances to provide extra deterrence against burglars. You might consider installing surveillance cameras inside and outside the property as well, which can help deter possible intruders and provide your tenants with peace of mind.




You can start setting yourself apart from the competition as an investment property owner today. Remember to establish an LLC and learn how to market your rental property effectively. Regularly research home features that tenants are looking for, and always keep your property well-maintained and secure. Following the tips above will make your property irresistible to your target renters and pave the way to long-lasting success as a landlord!


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